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Ready to Skyrocket Your Business? Our mission: catapult businesses—whether small, medium, or large—towards staggering growth. Seize more leads, skyrocket conversions, and amplify your scale, all while slashing costs and saving time. Unleash the power of our elite sales and marketing AI, sophisticated automation, and unparalleled CRM platform, tools, strategies, and resources. Your business isn't just growing; it's evolving with us.

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Guarantee your Success with Business Automation

Our Platform Solution comes with the best-in-class automations and built-in integrations. Our ever-evolving capabilities run deep, through every action, taken on Websites, Landing Pages, Social Media, Email, Text, Google Ads, Appointments, Payments, Reporting and much more! that means you are set up for long-term, sustainable growth.

Capture, Convert & Retain Customers at Scale

Automate you entire business, Save time and Crush your marketing goals, without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together! With our all-in-one marketing and sales platform, you will be able to keep your tools in one place (while saving a fortune) and streamline your entire delivery, follow up and customer loyalty efforts keeping your clients happy buying from you.

Manage Social Media Marketing Effectively

Unleash the Power of Multi-Channel Social Media Mastery! Post with a single click, schedule your creativity for the future, and dominate your social media game. Generate buzz, publish effortlessly, engage fans, manage conversations seamlessly from one comprehensive inbox, and make informed decisions with a crystal-clear reporting dashboard. Take command of your social media landscape now!

Accelerate your Business Growth, Drive your Revenue and Retention through the Roof with AI. Software Driven Strategies.

Let us set up your efficient, conversion-boosting workflows to make the most of your leads. Get you More organized, Save on Time, Streamline sales processes, Automate your sales cycles to close more deals. We are a Full Suite Platform for Small Businesses that want to scale up. Whatever you can imagine in terms of automation/workflow you are able to create inside of Secret Scoop.

Automate your Sales Cycles to Close More Deals

Capture, keep track & manage each customers' sales life time journey and never miss a sale with our CRM. Guide leads or customers through predefined steps, ensuring efficient communication and consistent engagement.

Revolutionize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Create engaging Emails easily to grow your Brand and sell more with our easy-to-build emails marketing feature plus automation & CRM. Automate follow up campaigns and increase average open rate by at least 34%, more than those that do not uses our platform.

Collect Payments Online through our Payment Gateway Integrations

Collect Customer Payments easily .We integrate directly with payment gateways so you can collect payments on websites, funnels, and even when someone books an appointment.

Increase your Business Reputation with Reviews

Increase rankings and convert more customers with Reputation Management. A steady influx of positive reviews has a powerful impact on your reputation. Solicit new reviews, and stay in touch with your biggest fans.

Unlock the Power of Text (SMS) Marketing

Turn SMS into revenue. Transform customer experience and drive sales by instantly connecting with your audience. With an astounding 98% read rate, you can Increase engagement with personalized SMS automations based on customer behaviour.

Capture more Leads off your Website with the Webchat Widget

Generate free leads off of your website with our Webchat Widget, which will enable direct phone text message with your website visitors.

Get a Smarter Website

Power up your Business and Online Presence with our AI powered full stack websites, unlimited funnels, and captivating landing pages, CTA forms, custom menus and more !

"Just drag and drop, embed and generate a tonne of free leads on your website. Design with speed, finesse and growth intentions."

Run Your Business from your Pocket

Get started and manage your contacts, your prospects, opportunities, reviews,

appointments, invoicing and pretty much everything related to your business with our Mobile App

Manage Prospects and Customer Conversations in 1-Hub

Consolidated Conversation Stream Feature:

Ensuring proper communication through your social channels (Facebook, Instagram) & Google, text conversations, emails & phone calls is a must to retain clients and even find new prospects.

But, the truth is, hopping between your socials can become incredibly time-consuming. Good thing we can alleviate this burden by consolidating all your different social messages in one

place: Our conversations tab, where you’ll also find your Emails, Texts, Facebook & Instagram messages, Calls & much more.

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Capture, Convert and Retain More Leads

Contacts & Smart List Feature:

Automatic capture leads from multiple channels such as calls, SMS, and email and easily follow up with them . This feature also allows you to manage smart lists based on specific criteria, such as demographics or behavior, which help you segment your leads and tailor your communication.

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Increase and Manage Facebook & Google Reviews

Reviews & Reputation Management Feature:

Request new reviews, and respond to existing ones from Facebook and Google in one place. This feature also allows you to see your average rating and sentiment, giving you a clear understanding

of how your customers perceive your business.

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Boost and Manage Client Appointment Bookings

Appointment Booking Feature:

Eliminate Client Appointments No Shows — Let clients Schedule Appointments. Boost Sales With our Automated & Easy to Use Calendar Booking & Management Feature with a Point of Sell

(POS) integration to effortlessly schedule meetings with clients and collect payments. Get reminders, notifications and payments online 24/7.

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Invoice & Get Paid Quicker

Invoicing & Appointment Booking POS Feature:

With our Invoicing feature, you can easily create and send professional

invoices to your clients, and keep track of their payment status. This feature allows you to view and manage invoices that are paid, due, or

overdue, giving you a clear picture of your business's financial health.

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Meet your growth goals with complete business automation

Close 10X more deals with sales pipeline automation. Stay on top of every opportunity

Leverage our leading Sales CRM | All-in-one Automation Software and Improve your Customer Relationship Management Abilities! Find The Right Customers, Build Sustainable Relationships And Reduce The Cost Of Sales and Client Tracking.

Close deals faster with a dedicated Business Line

Get a free text-enabled phone number for your business that works on your personal smartphone.

Get a free virtual phone number for your business that works on your personal smartphone. Receive calls and text messages to both your personal and dedicated business number . Stay in touch, convert qualified leads into clients. and increase your privacy. Separate business and personal.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing solutions

Integrate with all apps, partners and networks you already use. Start growing with SecretScoop.

Make your customer experience management even easier by connecting SecretScoop with the tools you already use. Our Platform integrates with over 3,000 software systems to make it easy to automatically get new reviews, be found online, improve operations and increase revenue.

It’s time to unlock real results with Promotional, Transactional & Conversational Automation

Close more deals and meet your growth goals with complete marketing automation. Our easy-to-use CRM and automation builder, AI tools, plus our expert strategy consulting will help you save time and drive repeat purchases with the power of promotional, transactional & conversational marketing on a fully integrated platform. .

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